Our WWI exhibition has now closed. The exhibition's documentary film about 12 Woodville servicemen is now available for purchase. The film is 45 minutes long and costs $50. Enquiries to chris@outpost.co.nz

Commemorating Woodville servicemen and women in World War I

Harry Fletcher, Woodville soldier, became a member of the band after being wounded.
Vesey Grinlinton, Woodville man, was a member of 6th Wireless Troop.

To see our information on the 380 soldiers connected with Woodville please click here. Feel free to add information to that already collected.

New exhibition November 2018

Our Armistice exhibition will focus on soldiers who returned to Woodville after World War I. Many were granted land for farming in the district and we will explore these pieces of land and the families that lived there.

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Did you know?

Woodville sent only one woman overseas during WW1. She was Annie Westoby, a nurse.

More on this at our exhibition.


Woodville had a WW1 soldier in Cycle Corps, RJ Cairns, killed on Messines Ridge.

He will feature in the exhibition too. 

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